Monday, November 29, 2010

Korea to Deploy 5G

Korea Going to take as fast moving nation in the world with the plan of roll out 5G Network.They planning to deploy the 5G network service by the year of 2012.The starting 1G in 1881 then after 10 years 2G was developed and implemented.There also takes 10 more years for 3G that s in 2002.Now the 4G was deploying in some countries with a view to expand the bandwidth capabilities for easy access to the web and its services. The tech-savvy country aims to stay in front of the cell phone production race by taking lead in the wireless market at the mentioned year, with 5G connectivity being one of the main cornerstones of that plan.

When we think about 5G, we should keep in mind that most of the nations are now under 3G.UK people are still on 3G network and they only hearing some roumers about 4G that will launch in UK in 2012 -2015.Now the 3G will allow people to download data at a rate of upto 21mbps.The 4G lies in the range of 100mbps to 1gbps.WONDERED?? No need for such wonder because 5G is coming with a speed more than our thoughts..
South Korea announced plans to spend 60 billion won, or US$58,000,000, on developing 4G and even 5G technologies, with the goal of having the highest mobile phone market share by 2012, and the hope of an international standard.

What will be the speciality of 5G?? Guss and write it down as comments...Lets check it out !!!

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  1. I am expecting data tranfer in tera seconds.
    I think mobile plays a major role apart from computer and other things.

    It will bring new revolution in world.