Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When will 5G avialable in my country

The search for new technology always paved ways to answer for some questions. We got some interesting facts about 5G and its evolution from my previously posted articles. More over the capacity to transfer data between servers to our personal computers are are vital for our day to day life. The most acceptable use of internet is i think the online transactions like online purchasing,online banking,online booking and social networking. I used social networking at the end of this because the fact that the relationship between human are now became mechanical. If we find some interesting facts about the social networking sites , its quite interesting that now social networking became a integral part of internet users. But now we all know that internet is a dream world in some countries.

Lets take our topic...when will 5G network available in my country?? .. A question that may arise from all people who wish to hang out on internet.The technology starts from 1G to 5G is not in a sort period it takes more than 50 Long years. So now we can accept that we have the capacity to deliver the 5G network in the world.South Korea is now almost in a launching state of 5G network in there country. US is now in the back seat of Launching 5G . We all know that 4G itself have a higher Data rate for Fast internet access.Because 4G has a speed starting from 100 megabits per second(mbps) to 1 gigabits per second(gbps).

So the 5G will amaze you by its speed and its usefulness . Now most of the famous network equipment builders are under fast-track research for applying 5G by getting First implementing benefit . So no need for a huge waiting.5G on its way to your countries.You can ask by posting comments about 5G research or 5G status of your country..

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